Hood River, OR

home for sale in Hood RiverHood River offers spectacular scenery, a wealth of outdoors recreational activities and some of Oregon’s finest real estate options to discover. Homes in Hood River OR are very affordable and come in a bevy of great choices. IN addition, real estate in Hood River OR is notable for its strong value, competitive interest rates and very reasonable prices.

Retirees will appreciate homes in Hood River OR, as will families, commuters and young professionals new to the area. Real estate in Hood River OR is very diverse and includes single-family homes, starter homes, townhouses, affordable multifamily homes and many other superb options. No matter what you’re looking for, beautiful Hood River is just the place to look for it.


Hood River was established in 1858 and later formally incorporated in 1895. Thriving as a center for logging and trade, it experienced spectacular growth at the turn of the 20th century. Today the city has entered a new period of prosperity and growth, attracting thousands of new residents thanks to its breathtaking scenery, affordable cost of living and laid-back, easygoing lifestyle.

Parks and Recreation

Whitewater River Rating in Hood RiverThe city is home to a rich variety of parks, public spaces and beautiful woodlands all around. It holds the beautiful Mount Hood Scenic Byway (http://byways.org/explore/byways/61400/) as well as several golf courses nearby, biking and hiking trails and the scenic Waterfront Park. Recreational activities are plentiful in Hood River and include mountain biking, hiking, skiing, windsurfing, kayaking, camping, fishing and much more.

Attractions and Activities

Lots of fine dining in Hood RiverHood River boasts many attractions, landmarks and various sites of interest to enjoy. From renowned museums to abundant outdoor activities, it truly offers something for everyone to love. Just a few of the city’s top attractions are the History Museum of Hood River County, the International Museum of Carousel Art, the Western Antique Aeroplane and Automobile Museum, the Columbia River and much more. It also offers close proximity to Mount Hood, a number of the Pacific Northwest’s top campgrounds and scenic trails as well as the multitude of attractions in nearby Portland.


The city is home to a wide array of community events and festivities throughout the year. Hood River’s top events and celebrations include the Hood River Hops Fest, the Hood River Valley Blossom Festival, the Hood River Valley Harvest Festival, the Mount Hood Cycling Classic, the Gorge Games and much more.

Hood River: Natural Beauty and Livability to Discover

With its dramatic scenery, affordable homes to choose from and exceptional quality of life, Hood River is a great place to live. Those seeking a quality home in a beautiful and convenient location should look no further than this vibrant and charming city.

Carol Annala
Carol Annala
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