Lyle, WA

Lots of recreational activities in Lyle for you and your familyLyle, Washington is an exciting little rustic town that is nestled along the foothills of the Columbia Gorge River. As a census designated place, it is located along the South edge of the Klickitat County Area. The area is bisected into two main sections. One section is the Downtown Lyle area located within the northern banks area. The other section is the area along the upper banks of the Columbia River. Although the population of Homes in Lyle WA was more than 500 residents in 2000, the area continues to see increased growth due to the area's panoramic natural views, pleasant climate and quiet neighborhoods.



Lyle, Washington was started as a settlement called Klickitat Landing. Most of the settlers that were a part of the county that was chartered in 1859 lived within the Lyle area. However, Real Estate in Lyle WA was first exchanged by Egbert French and James O Lyle. Mr. Lyle was the first to acquire and manage a post office within the area after he moved to area in 1866. By 1903, traders took advantage of transportation opportunities between Goldendale and Lyle with the completion of Columbia River and Northern Railroad. This railway eventually became a part of the Spokane Portland and Seattle Railroad Company after they purchased the old area of Lyle. Yet, by 1909, the location of the current unincorporated community was designed, and as sheep sheds were constructed, the area became important to the wool industry.


Parks and Recreation

Lyle has wonderful cultureHomes in Lyle WA have been settled on a spectacular area of land that encompasses the rustic beauty of the town and the Columbia River. Although the area is centered in a park like setting, the beauty of Lyle is often experienced by nearby towns and parks and recreational areas outside the area. For instance, many have viewed the picturesque town from the vantage point of the Mayer State Park and the town of Rowen Crest that are both located across the Colombia Gorge River in Oregon. However, the mild climate along the Columbia River Gorge lends itself to many great opportunities to enjoy recreational activities, such as birding, hiking, camping, windsurfing and fishing.


Attractions and Activities

Real Estate in Lyle WA offers many unique attractions and activities around this quiet town. For instance, many enjoy visiting the nearby Museum of Art in Goldendale or the nearby wineries within the area. The scenic landscapes at Washington State Parks near Lyle, Washington also present great places for nearby activities and attractions.



home for sale in LyleHomes in Lyle WA provide residents access to many events that offer fun and enjoyment for many within the community. Residents enjoy events that involve the Klicktat Trail Conservancy and its outdoor recreation opportunities, including the Pitt to Klickitat Harvest Hike, the East Swale Canyon Hike and the Hike from Wahkiacus to the Mineral Springs. Other events within the area are provided by the Annual Columbia Gorge Wine and Pear Festival and the Tiberline Lodge Tours near Real Estate in Lyle WA.

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