Mount Hood Parkdale, OR

Mount Hood Parkdale is a family oriented communityUndoubtedly one of the most beautiful locations in the Pacific Northwest, Mount Hood Parkdale offers scenic natural beauty alongside affordable homes and a coveted quality of life. Whether you’re a family, recent college grad or retiree, you’re sure to fit right in here. Known for its spectacular natural scenery and wealth of outdoor recreation and leisure activities, Mount Hood Parkdale represents the pinnacle of Oregon’s stunning landscape and high livability. Homes in Mount Hood Parkdale OR enjoy low interest rates and affordable prices while real estate in Mount Hood Parkdale is prized for its striking location and superb value. With its seamless blend of natural splendor and quality homes for sale, Mount Hood Parkdale deserves the attention of every homebuyer looking for property in Oregon.

Real estate in Mount Hood Parkdale boasts spectacular views as well as strong value and very reasonable prices. Homes in Mount Hood Parkdale OR include a wide variety of options such as starter homes, single-family homes, contemporary homes and quaint houses perfect for retirees. The community is ideal for young professional looking for somewhere affordable and with abundant recreational and leisure options as well as families with children, those looking to spend their golden years in Oregon’s stunning landscapes and even commuters to Portland and other cities nearby. A community that offers affordable homes with a view, Mount Hood Parkdale is one of Oregon’s top cities for real estate.


Mount Hood Parkdale actually comprises of two separate communities, Mount Hood and Parkdale, Oregon. Both were settled in the early 1900s and enjoyed strong growth in the years following World War II. In 1976, their post offices were merged by the United States Postal Service, effectively creating one community. Today Mount Hood Parkdale offers a mix of stunning natural beauty as well as affordable real estate and an enviable quality of life.

Parks and Recreation

home for sale in Mount Hood ParkdaleMount Hood Parkdale is renowned for its spectacular natural beauty and abundant woodlands. It boasts a wealth of pristine protected areas as well as local parks and public spaces to enjoy. Just a few of its top recreation areas include the beautiful Mount Hood ( and the idyllic Hood River. Outdoor activities such as mountain climbing, hiking, biking, camping and fishing can be done very easily in Mount Hood Parkdale.

Attractions and Activities

Local attractions include the scenic Hood River, the Columbia River and the towering Mount Hood itself. Nearby Portland offers a rich variety of museums, parks, theaters and other attractions to enjoy.


Mount Hood Parkdale has a great K-12 School System

Community events and activities in the region include farmers markets, boat races in the Columbia River, concerts and visual performances in Portland and much more.

Mount Hood Parkdale: An Outstanding Place to Live

Few places in the United States can match Mount Hood Parkdale’s spectacular natural beauty and exceptional quality of life. Whether you’re looking to raise a family, retire or start a new career, this community is the perfect place to do it.

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