Stevenson, WA


home for sale in StevensonConveniently nestled in between the Columbia River and the mountains of the Gorge, Stevenson provides you with a welcome hideaway from all of the congestion and noise that you will find in larger cities. When it comes to homes in Stevenson WA, you will love the peacefulness and quiet that encompasses this neighborhood. You can take a walk along downtown or the riverfront to enjoy all of the real estate in Stevenson WA. Plenty of unique shops, pubs, delicatessens and restaurants are waiting for you to come out and enjoy everything they have to offer. For those who are looking for homes in Stevenson WA, you will find a town that is friendlier, more laid back and reminds you of times long gone.

Parks and Recreation

horseback riding in StevensonRegardless of what type of activity you seek to partake in throughout town, you are sure to find somewhere to head out and enjoy yourself. Throughout the area, you will find an array of hiking trails for just about every individual to head out and have a great time. Kiteboarders and windsurfers have been enjoying the winds from East Point and Bob’s Beach for a number of years.

From beginners to those who are far more experienced, you can find something that meets your lifestyle and activity needs. Camping, biking, hunting, golfing, horseback riding, rock climbing, snowmobiling and much more are waiting for you in one convenient location. When you consider all of the water surrounding the city, you can easily understand why it is such an amazing place to visit throughout the year. For those who want an amazing place to live, real estate in Stevenson WA offers a variety of homes from which you can choose to enjoy. You won’t have to worry about leaving this scenic and peaceful town ever again.

Attractions and Activities

After a long day out on the town, head out to the spa, relax and rejuvenate yourself in no time. Regardless of how you are feeling, you will leave the spa feeling completely different. For those who enjoyed hiking and biking along the trails, the spa offers you the time you need to soak in the inviting environment. You can also enjoy tasting a variety of wines from one of the countless vineyards and wineries.


Stevenson has great beautiful places for one to go HikingOne of the biggest upcoming events for Stevenson is the Insomniac Folklore Festival held in August. For one night, you will be able to come out and enjoy socialization with others who share your interests all while enjoying the music. The music lasts for quite some time, so you will have a ball throughout the evening hours. Depending on what time of year you are searching for an activity or event to take part in, you are sure to find something that will leave you wanting more. Throughout the year, a number of different artists are on display for you to enjoy various musical performances throughout the town.

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