White Salmon, Washington
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Renowned for its scenic natural beauty and very high quality of life, White Salmon is a quiet, family-friendly community with hidden surprises at every turn. The community offers a mix of small town charm and big city amenities thanks to its close proximity to Portland, Oregon. In addition, it boasts spectacular views all around and a wealth of outdoor activities to enjoy yea round. Real estate in White Salmon offers a prime location and superb value while homes in White Salmon are noted for their affordability and scenic views. No matter what you’re budget is or personal tastes are, you’re sure to find your dream home in this charming and livable community.

White Salmon offers one of the region’s top real estate opportunities. Homes in White Salmon include starter homes, single-family homes, multifamily homes and other great options. One and two-bedroom homes can be found at great prices throughout the city as well as charming, affordable homes perfect for retirees. Real estate in White Salmon also sports strong value and a prime location along the scenic Columbia River and within easy reach of major cities like Portland. All in all, the city’s unique combination of quality homes and splendorous natural scenery is hard to top.


The city was first settled in 1852 and formally incorporated in 1907. Originally a small settlement based on logging and fishing, it grew in the 20th century as a destination for families and younger workers. Today the community is known for its high quality of life and dramatic scenery, making it one of the most coveted places to live in the region.

Parks and Recreation

White Salmon is renowned for its abundance of parks, woodlands and plentiful recreational opportunities. Its recreational options and public spaces include the scenic Columbia River (www.critfc.org) and the iconic Mount Hood. Activities like hiking, mountain biking, skiing, fishing, boating and camping are all very popular in White Salmon and the surrounding region.

Attractions and Activities

Attractions and things to do in White Salmon are plentiful. The Columbia River offers world-class fishing and boating while Mount Hood is an ideal place for hikers and adventurous mountain climbers. The surrounding region, especially the idyllic Mount Hood National Forest, also boasts many campgrounds, hiking trails and bike paths to enjoy. In addition, Portland offers a wide array of entertainment, shopping, dining and cultural options to explore.


Local events and activities in the area include boat races, farmers markets, concerts, sporting events and much more.

White Salmon: Natural Beauty Meets Affordable Homes

A city with spectacular natural scenery as well as superb livability and beautiful homes, White Salmon is truly unique. Those looking for property in the region should definitely check out this coveted city on the scenic Columbia River. 

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